Tracked RRV’s


DX235LCR-5 Key Facts 
  • Largest possible tracked excavator for the British Network gauge. (W6A)
  • Optimised boom geometry for the rail application.
  • Minimal Carbon Footprint with a Stage IV engine that fully meets the latest emissions regulations.
  • Maximum Reach of 8.7m
  • Rail/Road Front Duty 10 Tonnes at 6m Radius
  • Road Side Duty 5.5 Tonnes at 6m Radius
  • Rail Side Duty 4.5 Tonnes at 6m Radius
  • 35t Machine Weight
  • 2 x 222lpm Hydraulic Flow Capabilities
  • 1.8m3 Digging Bucket Capacity


DX140 Series


The GOS DX140 Series conversions are UK Road/Rail conversions of Doosan DX140LCR Series tracked hydraulic excavators, built to suit 1435 mm (standard/UK/Network Rail) gauge.

Tracked machines have been a preferred choice in the construction industry because of their reduced ground contract pressure over wheeled machines, however due to difficulties with getting them to rail worksites lost them this advantage in the rail maintenance industry.

GOS have made advancements in the way of Road/Rail tracked excavator conversions, based on machines such as the Doosan DX140 and Komatsu PC138, fitted with heavy duty railgear which is hydrostatically rail driven with slip reduction system, these machines can be modified and equipped with a wide variety of equipment and ancillary attachments to suit customer and industry needs. This includes:

  • Twin operator cabs
  • Auto rail mode
  • Extra hydraulic services
  • Ability to work under OLE
  • Hydraulic and air trailer braking outputs
  • Offset booms (see boom, dipper and construction page)
  • Dual control; Cab or remote-control
  • Wireless remote-control system for attachment (see case study)
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Tandem lift capability on larger machines
  • Rear facing CCTV system
  • Rail lifting accessories

DX140LCR-5 Remote Control operation for ballast suction attachment

Most tracked excavators can be equipped with the sector-free GKD 3rci RCI system, fitted as standard with tandem lifting, “virtual wall” and data logging capability.

Mobile TRM panel lifting in tandem; consisting of 2 Kobelco 200 monster bugs and rail trailer converted to house control cabin.

All variants are available to Network Rail, London Underground and other engineering specifications, standards and approvals.

Conversions are also available for most dozers; including Komatsu D41 and D37 models and CAT D3 and D5 models.

A Dx140 tracked machine for Sonic Rail