Rail & Construction Ancillary Equipment

GOS manufacturer a range of Rail Machine attachments, Rail Trailer attachments and various Rail and Civil ancillary equipment i.e. booms, dippers and other Construction Plant.

Our Rail Machine attachments range from Single Tamper Heads and Compactors, Sleeper layers, Rail Lifting Beams and Panels through to Piling Hammers and Ballast Suction attachments.

More than often, GOS machines and attachments work in conjunction with GOS Rail Trailers and Rail Trailer attachments e.g. ballast hoppers and ballast boxes to provide a complete package.

GOS also manufactures, in-house, a range of booms and dippers, for both Rail and Civil specialist construction plant. Our booms and dippers range from “Z” or “offset” booms for bespoke applications such as working Adjacent Line Open (ALO) through to long reach dippers for overhead and gantry work or, conversely, mini-dippers when paired with welding head equipment to undertake spot welding.

For further information on any equipment please visit the content in this section and contact GOS directly with your specific requirements.