Wheeled RRV’s

GOS have been converting a variety of wheeled excavators for over 20 years, namely Doosan DX170 variants, which have evolved from the popular original medium weight multipurpose machine into the superior powerful heavy lifting machines currently available in the rail industry. In recent years GOS have expanded their portfolio by developing additional long reach dippers to replace the standard dippers that come with these machines as well as branching out into developing crane variants by incorporating Palfinger crane technology.

The GOS Road/Rail conversions are typically available on a Doosan DX170-5 wheeled excavator machine in a number of variants, including both Hydrostatic and Friction drive:

  • DX170 SH Ultimate 270 – 25 tonne standard hydrostatic machine without stabilisers
  • DX170 HS Ultimate 270 – 32 tonne hydrostatic machine complete with stabilisers for increased lift capacity and enhanced machine stability
  • DX170 Ultimate 230 – 23.5 tonne friction drive machine
  • DX170 Ultimate 270 – 31 tonnes friction drive machine

An extensive range of optional equipment is available, including:

  • twin cab operation
  • extra hydraulic services
  • ability to work under live OLE
  • hydraulic and air trailer braking outputs
  • offset booms and additional long reach dipper (requires link to attachments page)
  • MEWP basket attachments\
  • fire suppression systems
  • “tandem lift” capability
  • rear facing CCTV system
  • rail lifting accessories

All machines can be equipped with the sector-free GKD 3rci RCI system, fitted as standard with tandem lifting, “virtual wall” and data logging capability.

The following displays a range of wheeled machines based on Doosan DX170W-5 Excavators, converted to road/ rail machines by GOS.

DX170-5 SH Hydrostatic drive heavy lifting machine with OEM dipper for digging, being displayed illustrating the GOS incorporated machine lifting points built into the rail gear at Rail Live show 2017

DX170-5 Friction drive machine with direct rail wheel braking.

DX170-5 SH Heavy lifter with GOS made 5.5m long reach dipper and GOS made flail mount being used to mulch vegetation track-side.

A Dx270 with Stabilizers and 10 metre dipper for Alun Griffiths


Hydrostatic Heavy Lifter