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Flash Butt Welders

Doosan DX170-5 Base machine converted for road/ rail application. Utilises friction drive rail gear with rail wheel braking. GOS Built gen-set to provide power for welding using flash-butt welding technology.

GOS have worked closely with Progress Rail over the last few years to develop the market leading ‘All-Terrain Mobile Welders’ (ATMW). This machine incorporates a GOS built, fully compliant, rear-mounted, generator unit and Australian standard cab protection system (ROPS).

The GOS D170 Series road/rail conversion is used as a base “transporter” machine to create a Mobile Flash Butt Welder (MFBW) system, based on the use of a Progress Rail Flash Butt Welder head and control system.

This welder is based on the current base OEM Doosan DX170-5 hydraulic excavator, which includes extensive detail upgrades throughout the machine, including:

  • Improved Stage IV engine with increased power torque and better fuel economy
  • Improved lift capability
  • Improved operator control cabOther specific features include:
  • An offset knuckle boom and dipper arrangement, which allows the machine to significantly increase the number of welding operations it can perform alongside the line (or on an adjacent line) without any resultant tail swing fouling
  • A Progress Rail K950 Welder head
  • Other smaller ancillary control systems and equipment related to operation of the welder.

Machines are available in both Hydrostatic and Friction Drive formats and the following displays a range of vehicles available:

A Doosan 170 modified to take a Progress Rail Flash Butt Welder Head to create an All Terrain Mobile Welder (ATMW). This unit is complete with a “Knuckle Boom” and “Mini Dipper” for better control and cab roof mounted radiators to allow it to work in the extremely hot areas of Northern and Western Australia.

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