All Terrain Mobile Welder for BHP

January 15, 2020

Client: BHP
Project: All Terrain Mobile Welder (ATWM) Series
Completed: August 2019

This project consisted of a GOS collaboration with Progress Rail to produce a series of All Terrain Mobile Welder (ATMW) units for Australian iron ore mining companies. These machines are a versatile machine used in conjunction with their existing fixed plant welding operations, to enable track renewals and removal of in-track defects on Australian Terrain.

The key features of the ATMW are:

  • Fully automated gen-set, with all controls easily manipulated from ground level when the machine is on track, negating the need to work at height, and the associated risks this incurs.
  • ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) and FOPS (Falling Objects Protection System)
  • Derailment catch guards; to prevent the machine coming off the track in the unlikely event that a derailment occurs
  • Pendant operated machine functions; isolates in-cab manipulators and allows operators on the ground to manipulate the welding head with the pendant controls.
  • Functions that can be operated by the pendant include slew in both directions, raise & lower boom and dipper in & out. All functions have been slowed significantly to make it safe for operators on the ground to precisely align the welding head to the rail to be welded.

Project Deliverables
GOS was commissioned to:

  • Design and manufacture in line with Australian standards AS7502; Road Rail Vehicles: Rolling Stock Standard, and BS EN 3471; Roll-Over Protective Structures.
  • 2 in total to be designed and manufactured
  • Provide mobilisation of the welding head and associated system incorporating a GOS built gen-set which powers the welding operation; 350kW engine coupled to a 418V 161Amp generator.
  • Incorporate a bespoke rollover protection design solution; validated through computer simulation and prototype which was required to be destructive tested before manufactured and fitted to the machine

Challenges and Solutions
The Power supply was one of the initial challenges with this machine; the deliverable was to design and build the bespoke genset and incorporate it into the machine whilst keeping everything within railway gauge limits.

The solution required extensive research and engagement with many different engine manufacturers; establishing the pros and cons of each which were in turn deliberated throughout design reviews.

Even with the most compact engine and generator combination, a complete re-design of the engine cooling system was necessary, as well as the design of the exhaust Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, which resulted in a machine that is Tier 4 Final emission compliant.

Why GOS?
GOS has extensive experience of creating bespoke machinery for the railways, coupled with strong relationships with suppliers and collaborators, ensuring the end user product meets and even exceeds customer expectation.

Vigorous risk assessment and collaborative working with the customer ensures that the product is safe for the end user, as well as meeting all customer requirements.

GOS is dedicated to delivering high quality products, even when the customer is overseas, and challenges exist with time zones, communication and support.

Extensive knowledge and experience in Design, Manufacture, Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulics were crucial to making this project a success.