On Track Plant Machines (OTP)

GOS manufacturer the largest, most advanced fleet of ‘On Track Plant’ in the UK.

We continually invest in innovation and utilise the latest industry technology in our quest for continuous improvements in the safety and design features of machines and to consistently strive to raise the bar for the level of service we deliver to our customers.

GOS take pride in our ability to provide cost-effective solutions to Plant Operators, Network Rail and the Rail Industry; with all our standard machines we offer the opportunity to purchase additional and optional equipment either prior to build or post build. This provides flexibility to customers with ever changing Industry requirements to adapt their assets to suit. This could be from increasing the stability of the machine by adding outriggers, thus increasing the lift duty, through to manufacturing long reach dippers which can be exchanged with a standard dipper in a few hours.

Our design, engineering and assurance teams are highly experienced in the requirements to comply with Rail Industry Standard 1530 – Issue 6 and maintain excellent relations with clients and Product Approval Bodies to manage the integration of Industry changes into our engineering processes. The result of which is effective management and timely delivery of the engineering of acceptance process for each and every machine we deliver.