Booms, Dippers & Construction Plant

Excavator Booms and Dippers

10m Dipper

GOS manufactures, in-house, a range of booms and dippers, for both rail and civil specialist construction plant.

Additional Long Reach Dipper

DX160HT: Doosan 4.6m boom modified to 6.5m with GOS built 4.5m dipper to suit.

The booms and dippers are built or modified to allow for a greater range of movement and/or greater lift and dig capacities to suit the needs of the customer. It comprises lightweight construction in high strength specification steels and additional counterweights are used to lessen the effect on capacity of larger booms. In addition, to enable customers to changeover with ease from standard to long reach, extension cables and hoses have been added to allow connection to existing standard hydraulic connections.

EMS Boom modification

Offset “Z” Boom

The GOS offset boom, or Z boom, was specifically designed for use in Adjacent Line Open (ALO) working situations when on rail. The design incorporates a new development of the GKD spaceguard RCI system to ensure compliance to ALO requirements. The benefits of this type of boom are a wide offset, capable of digging on either side of the track.

For the Civil’s industry, offset booms provide greater opening angle between the boom and the dipper and can therefore work with space constraints and to tighter tolerances.

Offset boom and mini dipper for specialist work

Extensive modifications to machines are also available, including custom mini dipper and offset booms to improve maneuverability when working with welding head attachments especially in space restricted areas (see specialist RRV page for further details)

Other Construction Plant

A Komatsu Dx155ax dozers with specially manufactured conversion brackets to mount a new ripper system

GOS specialise in the conversion and adaptation of a variety of new and used construction plant, scrap handling, environmental and demolition equipment.

Our combined resources of machining, fabrication, painting and fitting shops, together with our comprehensive design and engineering capabilities allows GOS to undertake a wide range of projects including; twin and high rise cabs, extended booms, manufacture of special hydraulic cylinders, ripper adaptors, dust suppressant systems, special buckets and attachments.

GOS work closely with all customers to ensure their specific requirements are met.

A used Komatsu HM400 dumper overhauled, painted and converted into a water bowser/dust suppressant unit for export.