Rail Mounted Maintenance Machines (RMMM’S)

Self-propelled Ballast distribution Unit (SP-BDU) capable of distributing ballast, either directly to track or working in conjunction with the associated track ballast undercutter (TBU).

An RMMM (Rail mounted maintenance machine) is a demountable machine that when lifted onto Rail infrastructure can travel down track under its own power.

GOS have been developing this new generation of Plant to offer “stand-alone” bespoke items of equipment to assist the clients in undertaking spot items of work on the infrastructure i.e. tamping and levelling or welding.

Designed to be lightweight, so it can be easily lifted on/off track, RMMM’s are typically operated by wireless remote-control system and have their own hydraulic and electrical systems on board to provide self-propellent and functionality.

The GOS range of RMMM’s available are:

  • Self-propelled Ballast distribution unit – capable of transporting and distributing ballast
  • GOS Induction welding skid – capable of transporting a welding held to rail that is to be welded in situ
  • Self-propelled jacking tamper – designed to operate a pair of ST08 tampers together, capable of lifting and tamping individual rail sleepers

Self-propelled Jacking Tamper (SPJT) treating small “wet spot” runs of sleepers, bringing the track back to full operating condition.

GOS Induction welding skid
Self-propelled jacking tamper