Remote control system Force One

January 15, 2020

Client: Force One
Project: Remote control system for DX140LCR Series
Completed: August 2017

The GOS DX140 Series conversions are UK Road/Rail conversions of Doosan DX140LCR Series tracked hydraulic excavators, built to suit 1435 mm (standard/UK/Network Rail) gauge. GOS were asked to develop by Force One a remote-control system for external control of the machine.

The key features of the remote-control system are:
Operating range of over 100m
Remote control designed to replicate GOS railsafe control system
Deadman function

Project Deliverables
GOS was commissioned to:

  • Air Brakes
  • Service Brakes
  • LUL
  • Auto Rail Mode
  • Extra Services
  • Dual Controls: Cab Controlled or Wireless Remote Controlled
  • Full Remote-controlled system that can operate the whole machine

Challenges and Solutions
GOS had some previous experience of a remote-control system from previous projects but did not have any experience for incorporating a system into OEM control system.

Ergonomics for the remote control was the most problematic area for GOS. GOS used a range of different control methods within the software for the system. Uses of ramp, exponential and step functions allowed GOS to develop the remote-control system to give the same feel for the operator as they were sat in the cab of the machine. GOS developed the system with operators to ensure the needs of the operator was met. GOS remote control system is a PLd system

Why GOS?
GOS has extensive experience of creating bespoke machinery for the railways, coupled with strong relationships with suppliers and collaborators, ensuring the end user product meets and even exceeds customer expectation. The design and build of this remote-control excavator took less than a year to complete; this delivery is what puts GOS as the market leader in the industry for new products.

Extensive knowledge and experience in Design, Manufacture, Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulics were crucial to making this project a success.