GOS Rail Bee for Network Rail

January 15, 2020

Client: Network Rail
Project: GOS Rail Bee Mitsubishi Canter
Completed: June 2019

The GOS Rail Bee FC/ FUSO Canter Flatbed with Palfinger Crane, GOS Rail Bee FC/ FUSO Canter Box Body series and Emergency Services Series are UK Road/Rail conversions of road going Fuso Canter 4 x 4 mid-range lorry chassis. They aid loading and unloading and assist the welding of rail and transport of S&C components respectively.

The key features of the Flatbed Canter are a Palfinger Rail PK5001 Crane including remote control operation and stabiliser functionality, capable of 360-degree movement, side bars for lateral protection, 110v powerall unit for tool supply, air brake lines for towing and a small hand washing unit.

The key features of the Box Back Canter are a basic workshop set-up, 500kg tail lift, 110v powerall unit for tool supply, air brake lines for towing and mess facilities in the form of microwave, hot water and hand wash facilities.

The key feature of the Emergency Services Canter are vehicles fitted with breathing apparatus compatible with chairs for transportation on rail.

Project Deliverables
GOS was commissioned to:

  • Design and manufacture in line with UK Rail Industry standard RIS-1530-PLT Issue 6, for the use of road/rail equipment on the UK Network Rail infrastructure.
  • Provide an enhanced Flatbed Canter with hydraulically extendable outriggers that could be remote control operated, unless in emergency situations and utilise an RCI system for ALO, OLE and overload control when crane deployed

Challenges and Solutions
The biggest challenge for the GOS Rail Bee FC/ FUSO Canter Flatbed with Palfinger Crane was the ability to lift on either side of the flat bed. The solution was to provide outriggers with the Palfinger crane to provide more stability whilst mounted on the rail. One of the key features of the Palfinger crane is the electronic limiter which is used to prevent toppling if an excessive loaded is attempted. However, in adding the stabilisers caused a subsequent challenge with increased weight of the machine. This was overcome by changing the material of the frame to an aluminium chassis.

Why GOS?
GOS has extensive experience of creating bespoke machinery for the railways, coupled with strong relationships with suppliers and collaborators, ensuring the end user product meets and even exceeds customer expectation.

GOS are already proficient in the design and build of Canters due to delivering previous versions of the machines for Network Rail in 2015.

GOS have proven extensive knowledge and experience in Design, Manufacture, Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulics which makes them well equipped in delivering machines to various specifications from clients.