Cable Monorail System Hauling Series for Balfour Beatty

January 15, 2020

Client: Balfour Beatty
Project: Eleclink – Cable Monorail System Hauling Series
Completed: February 2019

Balfour Beatty Power Transmission & Distribution and Prysmian Power Link formed a joint venture to supply and install a HVDC 1000MW Interconnector between the UK and France. The “ElecLink” project required a cost effective, efficient and safe method of towing the cable monorail system (CMS) into the tunnel to the required permanent position; it depended on a series of On-Track Machines (OTM), which are wagon mounted mechanical winching units, known as Hauling units (HU), for the sole purposes of transitioning the cable.

The key features of the HU are:

  • Two skids fitted to a single KFA wagon to form a single HU
  • Control cabin including welfare facilities such as hot water, toilet and air conditioning
  • 15T Utility winch with Dynema bond
  • Tower gantry complete with pulley sheaves and bearings
  • Bespoke fabricated hydraulically operated and retractable stabiliser legs to provide additional lateral stability in winching operation
  • Automatic fire suppression system
  • CCTV system to allow for additional monitoring of areas where visibility may be restricted
  • LED lighting; installation of work lights, cab lights, deck lights
  • Radio remote control system for manual mode operation of winch and stabilisers
  • On board communication system

Project Deliverables
GOS was commissioned by Balfour Beatty to:

  • Design and manufacture in line with the principles with the Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM RA)
  • 5 HU’s in total to be designed and manufactured
  • Control system to deliver performance level d (PLd) monitoring of the cable tension
  • Allow transition of the HU to the next location within the tunnel whilst maintaining constant minimal tension preventing cable sag
  • Allow continuous motion of the interconnector cable when used with multiple HU’s
  • Provide inter-unit communication system that wirelessly (via fibre optic) sent HU data to all other HU’s and to a ground unit at the tunnel entrance

Challenges and Solutions
The timescales for the project were always the biggest challenge; Balfour Beatty required a first of type HU to be designed, built and delivered within 12 months ready to commence hauling straight away. Other manufacturers quoted a minimum timescale of 24-36 months for delivery of a project of this scale, however GOS managed to achieve this and complete the project with a total of 5 HU’s delivered in just over 18 months from project commencement.

Why GOS?
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